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Freemasonry is a great ancient tradition and following that supports our community by a group of men. It is the oldest fraternity in the world and focuses on friendship, fellowship, service. We pride ourselves and our members holding honour, increasing personal responsibility, personal integrity and morality as fundamental and important facets of our members.

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If you are interested in freemasonry, then we would love to discuss this more with you. Do you have an interest in giving back to the community, belonging to a community of men who care about one another and who will support one another? If so, consider Freemasonry. We focus on brotherly love, relief and truth. Priding ourselves on supporting our members and the community. All of us provide relief for our members and also the the people and society around us surrounded by the truth of our Craft.


If you are questioning whether Freemasonry is for you, contact us. We would love to get in contact with you and explore the possibilities. Consider Lodge St. James in Wallsend, NSW. We offer a high quality Lodge with high quality Craft on display.

Join us and join one of the longest traditions in todays society.

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